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Carsella - Gully's Lane

For this walk allow 1 hour. This is a circular walk and this summary commences the walk at Whitegates. From Whitegates proceed towards Trerice, passing Carsella Farm on the right, and at a point approximately 50 metres past Carsella Farm a footpath signpost is reached. Follow the signpost and continue along a twisting path through a wooded section. Pass over a style and across a field to enter another field via a gap in the hedge. At the far side of this field pass over a style to reach a farm track. Turn right along the track until reaching Rostowrack Farm. Enter the farmyard via a style, walk across the farmyard and exit it via a second style. Turn right and continue up a farm track until reaching a railway bridge. Pass under the bridge and immediately turn left up some steps to follow a path alongside the railway siding. Upon reaching a fork in the path take the right fork and down a set of granite steps. Continue along this path through a wooded section, up a set of granite steps, and into Gully's lane via an iron swing gate. At the end of Gully's lane turn left towards Hendra Prazey and continue under the disused railway bridge to return to Whitegates.

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Signpost below Carsella Farm
Wooded section between Carsella Farm and Rostowrack Farm
Railway bridge above Rostowrack Farm
Granite steps near Gully's Lane
Gully's Lane