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Carsella - Gaverigan

Wellington boots are essential for this walk, even in the summer, and it should be noted that parts of the walk are routed through fields where cattle often graze. This is not a circular walk and approximately 40 minutes should be allowed to walk in each direction between Carsella and Gaverigan. The walk commences at a point mid way between Whitegates and Carsella Farm. Following the footpath signpost, proceed over a stile and along the edge of a field adjacent to the disused railway cutting. Upon reaching two more stiles either side of a farm track, there is an excellent view over a granite bridge of St.Denys Church. Do not cross the bridge but continue through a series of fields keeping to the hedge on your right and passing over a series of stiles between the fields. Proceed ahead through a wet section with reeds and across a platform with a lift up gate midway along the platform. Walk diagonally across the next small field and enter a farm track. Continue along the track and take a left fork which is signposted. Follow this path over a stile and two platforms to arrive at Gaverigan by means of another stile. Retrace your steps to complete the walk or alternatively cross the road and explore the walks on Goss Moor.

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Carsella start point
Distant view of St.Denys Church
Wooded section
Wet section and walkway
Gaverigan end of walk