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Mr. and Mrs. Yelland and "Yelland's Shop"

Addition - 1st. February 2020

It is with much sadness we learn that Lilian Yelland died peacefully on Tuesday 28th January 2020.
Her funeral will be at Charlton Park Crematorium  Andover on Tuesday 25th February at 11:00am.
At a later date Lilian will be interred with her husband Frank at  St Dennis Cemetery.

The St.Dennis website team offer their condolences to Maureen and her family.

The team at St. Dennis.org.uk would like to thank Mrs. Maureen Reeve née Yelland for the contribution below.

Please note that this account is the property of Mrs. Maureen Reeve and must not be reproduced in any form without her consent.


My parents Lilian and Richard (known as Frank) Yelland took over the shop at Trelavour Square (known as Yelland's Shop) in the late 1940's. Frank did decorating and painting and Lilian managed the shop which was open all hours. The shop sold everything - groceries, vegetables, sweets, paint, wallpaper. They were there for over 20 years and very much enjoyed it, making a lot of friends in the village. Unfortunately in September 1966 Frank died suddenly of a heart attack and Lilian stayed and ran the shop for a few years and then sold it. Lilian lived in the village for a short time in a bungalow called "Rosedew"and then moved to live with myself, my husband Colin and our family for about 27 years. In 1995 at the age of 95 Lilian became ill and went to Willow Court Nursing Home in Andover, Hampshire where she celebrated her 100th. birthday with a card from the Queen. Lilian is still at the nursing home and has now achieved the age of 105. She has received her second card from the Queen.

Maureen Reeve - October 2019

Yelland's Shop

Yelland's Shop in 1960

Lilian Yelland Lilian Yelland's Birthday Cake

Mrs. Lilian Yelland aged 105

Lilian Yelland's Queen's Letter

All images courtesy of Mrs. Maureen Reeve